Personal Training

Get Ready to Earn Your Body!

No matter your fitness goals, fat loss, mass, strength or general well-being, it's important to have a plan for reaching your goals. This is where one of our local Mason City personal trainers can help. We understand whats best for someone else may not be best for you. Our trainers will help by setting goals, providing feedback and being accountable. We will begin by performing an assessment of your fitness strengths and weaknesses to help decide what is the best path for you. These assessments will also be performed before and after an exercise program to measure your improvements and overall condition. We will use this data to make sure we keep you on the correct workout and conditioning exercises to reach your goals.

Nutrition & Wellness

Besides helping you create your personal workout program, our Mason City trainers will help educate you. We will teach you about other aspects of personal wellness, including eating habits and correct supplements to take. We are experts in supplements, which ones work, how to properly use them, and which ones to stay away from. We we also show you how to use them in combination with your workout program to reach optimal effects.

Experts In Personal Training

We offer years of experience in personal training, and with the advice of Jake Prazak, the two time world bench press holder, you can be sure our programs work. So come in and have one of our trainers develop a personalized program for you that will help you reach you personal goals.

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